• Limoservicevict

    If you say to everyone you know, you have to work in marketing your company. You will have a wonderful experience to talk with friends when you return home. Your family members can decide what to do.It's the same quality, do it! The weather is not, the short pump has a vast collection of retail locations that will guarantee you will come back. Studies help to understand what they expect.

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  • MusashiKorian


    June 15, 2017 by MusashiKorian

    Click Here for my live stream giveaway. I am giving away a $15 USD iTunes Gift Card Code in thanks for all the support on WeGamers. :)

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  • Drjekyllfsa

    consejos utiles

    September 22, 2016 by Drjekyllfsa

    primero : tratar de ingresar a un gremio no importa el poder si es de poder gande mejor asi te protejes , pero generalmente sucede que los gremios poseen , unos requisitos de poder: 

    1-- en el caso que accedas a un gremio si es un gremio de bajo poder, y son como loquitos atacan a cualquiera y contra cualquiera, te recomiendo que busques otro gremio.

    si es un gremio pacifico, con muchas alianzas, vas a estar protejido y vas a poder crecer : aqui en wiki hay guias en la pagina hay guias respecto a como crecer, lo mas rapido posible, cazar mosntruos eso te da recursos, aceleradores, lo mas rapido posible tropas para recoger recursos, si son de lvl 3 o 4 mejor dependera de tu ubicacion, seguir las reglas del gremio, no enloquecerse si te atacan…

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  • MusashiKorian

    Quick Tips.

    May 25, 2016 by MusashiKorian

    Some simple tips for your might development:
    Talent: Focus on the right side with construction, researching speed.
    Then you fill the left side with training speed lv2 then lv1.
    It will take you 46 level to fill all. Then you fill gathering speed.
    Construction: Focus on bulding lv17 castle for t3 troop units.
    Researching: Focus on Construction, gathering speed, wall hp, wall defend, energy recover, save energy; trap attack, cavalry, ranged, siege units attack, infantry, cavalry, ranged units defend, all unit hp.
    Army: all t3 troop as much as you can.
    Important: never waste time of construction, researching and training. You will gain at least 100k/day might under lv17 castle and at least 200k might/day above lv17 castle.
    P/s: Remember save your sp…

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