Guilds Edit

Guild is a group of players united that can help each other, joining a guild increases your progress because you can get help from your guild mates even with constructions, resources or with researches. Also being in a guild helps you in battles you can rally against opponents or get reinforced by guild mates, to increase the amount of troops you can gather for rally you need to upgrade your battle hall and to increase the amount of troops you can get on reinforce you need to upgrade your embassy. Guilds a lot of times, as stated above, can be an advantage. Guilds require at least 11 members to stay, if it falls under 11 members you have a limited time until it is automatically disbanded.

Monster Hunts Edit

First of all, guilds open up monster hunting. Monster hunts gives you resources, speed ups, and even gems! Isn't that intense? At any rate, when these monsters are taken down, a guild chest is sent to your entire guild, and it contains possibly resources, gems, speed ups, and even unique items.

Help Edit

For construction and research projects your fellow guild members are able to help reduce the time these take. For each help the current time left is reduced by 1% or 1 minute; whichever is higher. The total number of helps a player can receive per project is equal to that players castle level plus five and is this total is set when the project starts. Players are only able to send/receive help from guild members in the same kingdom. Help can be accessed by tapping the handshake icon on the right side of the screen (if it is not visible there is no help needed). There is no overall limit to how many help a player can send except that they can only send one help per project. and a tip, Dont use speedups befor you get all your helps, if you use speedups your % you normally get Will get smaller, because the time period of the upgrade is shorter than.

Guild coins Edit

Guild coins are earned in several ways including VIP chests, bonus chests from mall purchases and sending help. In the case of help each help sent is worth 800 guild coins and up to 40,000 guild coins from help can be earned per day.

Guild Shop Edit

The guild shop is where you can spend your earned guild coins. This can be accessed by opening the bag and tapping the silver coin button or going to the guild main menu. The guild shop and gem shop provide a large overlap meaning guild coins can be used as an alternative for gems. However, some items are exclusive to the gem shop and vice versa. One example of a guild shop exclusive item is the migration scroll.

Guild Gifts Edit

As guilds open gifts and loot their gift level increases. This increases the likelihood of higher level gift boxes. The hierarchy of known guild boxes is:

Silver Box

Sapphire Box

Emerald Box

Amethyst Box

Gold Box