In-Game Description Edit

"Send your troops and a leader into the Shelter to protect them from attacks. When your Castle is attacked, troops in the Shelter cannot be attacked."

Function Edit

The Shelter provides a safe haven from attacks for your troops and leader.

You can choose shelter durations of 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, or 12 hours.

This is particularly helpful for new players if they find they are constantly being bullied. Also, players going offline for extended periods may also choose to shelter their troops should they not be able to utilize a shield.

Notes Edit

  • Can only hold 1 March of troops. The maximum amount of troops per march is determined by your Castle level.
  • Choosing to shelter your leader slightly increases the number of troops that can be sheltered. The number depends on the hero's rank:
    • Rank 1: +80
    • Rank 2: +320
    • Rank 3: +800
    • Rank 4: +1440
    • Rank 5: +2560
    • Rank 6: +4,000
    • Rank 7: +6,000
    • Rank 8: +10,000
  • By researching Shelter Expansion under the Military Command tree, shelter capacity can be increased by up to 50,000.
  • Sheltered troops will not defend your turf.

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