Background Edit

"One-Eye no stupid! One-Eye strong!" - One-Eye

Giants live their lives at a much slower pace. A day for them could be a century for the other races.

When One-Eye woke from his afternoon nap he realized that hundred of years had passed and his friends were gone.

He decided he would head to the Human realm to make new friends.

In order to fit in better, he traded his long life for a Human-sized body. Perhaps he won't be alone anymore.

How to Obtain Edit

Big Guy hero can be purchased after you buy the SECOND "Winning Start" package for 4.99 $

This package will give you 20 medals so you only need 10 for the next rank (kk).

Within the package, you also receive resources which can be valuable later.

Plus a green box to share with the guild.

Cost to max: 275 USD

Battle Skills Edit

Battle Skills White Green Blue Purple Gold
Tectonic Crack

Deals XXX Squad ATK as DMG to enemy Troops

105% 110% 120% 140% 200%
Construction Boost +1.5% +3% +6% +12% +30%
Infantry DEF Boost +2.5% +5% +10% +20% +50%
Infantry ATK Boost +1.5% +3% +6% +12% +30%

Hero Skills Edit

Ultimate Skill Edit

Rampage: Spins his massive body and rushes at the enemies, dealing damage 5 times to enemies in a small area. Inflicts Stun for 1s.

First Active Edit

Brutal Impact: Flings a steel ball from mid range, dealing damage to all enemies in a cone and inflicting Stun for 1s.

Second Active Edit

Quake: Body slams the ground, dealing damage to all enemies in a medium area and inflicting Stun for 1s.

Passive Edit

The Big Guy's big belly allows him to block all damage from enemies.

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Oath Keeper, Big Guy, Death Knight, Child of Light, Soul Forger, Rose Knight, Barbarian Watcher, Death Archer, Black Crow, Night Raven, Scarlet Bolt, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Shade, Petite Devil, Prima Donna Sea Squire, Bombin' Goblin, Dark Follower Snow Queen, Sage of Storms, Elementalist, Incinerator