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Trickster is an AGI/DEX {physical skill} hero. He is one of the best supporting hero of Lords Mobile. His battle skills are all administration which means that once this hero is unlocked, his skills take immediate effect (i.e. you do not need to use him as leader or deploy him to benefit). This however does make trickster not very useful when being sent with your armies because the only attack he possesses the generic squad critical damage which in this case is for the ranged troops he leads.

His skills consist of (for common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary grade):

  • Research speed boost (1.25%,2.5%,5%,10%,25%)
  • boosting energy points (150,300,600,1200,3000)
  • energy regeneration speed (0.5%,1%,2%,4%,10%)

Trickster hero skills Edit

Lords Mobile Trickster hero review03:56

Lords Mobile Trickster hero review.Must have hero f2p!

  • Liar's sermon *main spell*

Bewilders the audience with tall tales from long range dealing damage to all enemies in a cone and inflicting Confuse for 5sec. Confuse enemies can't regenerate MP

  • Tampered Arrow *rank 2*

Coats an arrow with a secret substance before firing and inflicting Disarmed for 5 sec. Disarmed enemies can't use Physical skills.

  • Mud Ball *rank 4*

Slings mud at the enemy dealing damage and inflicting Blind, reduce their accuracy by X amount of points.

  • Getaway *rank 7*

The Trickster moves like a shadow. Before you know it, he is gone. Increase DEX by X amount of points.

Pro Tip!!

Trickster is one of the best supporting hero of this game. He works great with magical team. It's important to use this guy for Hero stages elite and normal chapter level 5. Another suggestion is to use him on your hero defensive team in Colosseum.

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